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Merna Daoud
April 30, 2017

To our surprise, we found a beautiful kindness rock on our front porch! What you are doing for the community is so touching and beautiful! It is a great reminder to everyone that the world could use a little more kindness and love! Keep up the great work and we will be sure to spread our kindness too!

Sarah kim
May 3, 2017

Thank you for organizing such a wonderful activity. My kids really enjoyed sharing love In the neighbourhood with beautiful rocks. Really appreciate your thoughts on making our community a kinder place to live. My kids are painting new rocks now to give more!

Tara Chen
May 3, 2017

What a wonderful and creative way for children at the school to spread kindness throughout the community! It's these little gestures that can really make someone's day a little brighter. Props to all of you who worked so hard on this very special project, and thank you from our family to yours.

The Relph Family
May 10, 2017

We witnessed one of our neighbours find a kindness rock on her front porch.
She had seen the rock and quickly came outside to call down the child whom she assumed had left it on her front porch as a form of childhood mischief. Another child, who did not go to Bond Lake quickly intercepted and tried to explain to the woman about the kindness rock and why it was there. You see, he had received a rock too and all the children on the court were talking about it. Our own five-year-old son ran over to our neighbour to support the conversation and share in how the kindness rocks were delivered to show kindness and to bring neighbours together. Upon watching this, we could see the coldness from our neighbour's body melt away. A smile came upon her face. It wasn't just a smile of relief. It was a smile of genuine gratitude. No longer is this neighbour tolerating the kids in the neighbourhood. She has now started to see them and the good that a relationship with the kids can bring.

Thank you to the kids and staff at BLPS and "Kindness Rock" organizers for this amazing initiative. You are making a difference in our neighbourhood and the lives of our kids.

Katerina P
May 11, 2017

This was a beautiful experience for my kids to be a part of. I'm thankful they had the chance to experience acts of kindness and pay it forward to people in their community so that they in turn could feel its effects. I'm looking forward to many more rocks being added to the garden, by my own family as well as others, so that we can continue this heart warming tradition in our community.
Thank you 🙂

Burgess Family
May 11, 2017

My children were all involved in the kindness project at Bond Lake Public School. This project was such a touching and moving experience that taught them many important life lessons, including kindess, empathy and the power too do something positive and thoughtful for no reason at all, but simply to spread kindness. Although they enjoyed painting the rocks I think they secretly enjoyed placing the rocks on someones front step to bring a little unexpected happiness to someone. Over the last few weeks during my morning walks it puts a smile on my face to see a variety of people who have displayed their kindness rocks in their garden or sitting proundly somewhere on their property. I think this project has brought our comminity together and the rippiling affetcs are bringing not only the school community together but the whole neighborhood. Thank you for al the hard work you did!!


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